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Equeum is revolutionizing the way individual Investors manage their investment portfolios, maximizing both traditional and new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) opportunities, by transforming how sophisticated tools for investment research are created, used, and refined. Developer access to the platform is FREE.

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In the Equeum Ecosystem, Everybody Wins.

Equeum is the world’s first distributed modeling platform for cryptocurrencies and ETFs. In the Equeum ecosystem, Developers create models for Investors - letting Investors use and improve those models to increase returns - while Developers share in their success.

The EQ Interface

The Equeum Difference.

With a flexible platform allowing seamless integration of data supporting a collaborative ecosystem, Equeum harnesses the collective intelligence of genius Developers and Investors from around the world.

Powered by EQL

EQL, Equeum’s breakthrough domain specific language enables Investors to execute complex commands with a few keystrokes, and allows Developers to replace pages of Python with a few lines of code.

EQ Indicators

Distributed modeling, compiling, analyzing and redistributing the work of thousands of Developers, allows Investors to track crypto currencies and ETFs for direction, volatility, and correlations against data like sentiment, news, and other key drivers of up/down trends.

Google Cloud

All driven by an easily accessible user interface and the power of Google Cloud computing.

The Equeum Developer.

Developers on the Equeum platform can use EQL to create models comprising powerful investment research tools for both traditional and new DeFi investments.

Equeum’s domain-specific language, EQL, greatly streamlines the creation of predictive models - allowing sophisticated data-driven financial modeling to occur in real-time. Developers will soon have the freedom, through EQL Extensions, to use Python, C++ and other common data modeling languages. New functionality under development will expand the possibilities for Developers to build a new ecosystem and self-powered creator economy, enhancing skills and reputation and eventually qualifying them for financial incentives.

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Take a brief video tour of Equeum, the first distributed modeling platform for cryptocurrencies and ETFs.

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Developer access to the platform is FREE.

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